Jim Bandt on Drums


Contact Jim - 608-558-0587
Email lookingglass@att.net
Select tracks from bands that Jim Bandt played drums on.  Includes tracks from Lezlie Thriller, Rok Sally, Tara Mara, and Mission Blue

1. Song for her  2 My Girls Rock   From the Lezlie Thriller debut release c1986 Plasticland records

1. She  2 Days Gone By  From the Rok Sally release "Bang Bang" c1991 SRA records

 1. Pieces  From the unreleases Tara Mara Demo c1995

1. Lizard Walk  2. Moment 3. Here Before 4. Hey   From the Mission Blue CD "Moment" c1998
Hard Knocks Records

1.  Crawl  2. City Thing  From unrelesed Mission Blue project c2000

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